Saturday Smackdown: Clean Eating vs. Paleo

So, after eight days, I am confident that you all know the basics of clean eating. Heck, I’m still learning about it as this challenge moves along. I thought that I would compare a clean eating diet against some other popular diets like vegetarian, vegan, and paleo.

Today’s smackdown: clean eating vs. paleo diet

First off, what is paleo? It’s a freaky word, that’s what it is. The word is an abbreviation for Paleolithic. What this means is that the foods included in a paleo diet are foods that would have been eaten during the Paleolithic period (around 2.5 million years ago, depending on your beliefs about the age of the earth). Meat eaters can rejoice because a huge portion of the paleo diet is meat. With the exception of highly processed meats like hot dogs (major ew!) and meats that are high in fats, you are good to go for any other type of meat as it is generally considered paleo. Most vegetables are included except for those starchy veggies like potatoes or corn. For more foods included in the paleo diet, I highly recommend this list from Ultimate Paleo Guide.

What both diets do is avoid processed foods like refined sugar and grains and they will both keep you on track to achieve your health goals. What is different about the clean eating diet is that grains are permitted. In the paleo diet, grains are typically omitted. So is dairy. Clean eating allows you to eat grains that are whole and natural. You can also enjoy a limited amount of dairy products like Greek yogurt (tip: mix Greek yogurt with apples and cinnamon, and you have got yourself a tastey little treat).

I came across this wonderful infographic to sum up the difference between clean eating and paleo diets (Credit: eMeals) because I know you don’t want to listen to my ramblings.

In this smackdown, I hail the clean eating diet as the winner simply because I am not a big consumer of meat, and I love that it is more of a balanced diet.

But, I want to know: what do you guys think? Would you opt for a paleo diet or a clean eating diet?

Miss E.

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